Alcobond FR Fire Protection

Fire protection is a very crucial aspect to and begins at the planning stage. Our goal with Alcobond FR is minimize fire risk especially is locations with high amounts of human traffic such as event arenas, schools, hospitals and high-rise buildings. Architects, building owners and consultants are globally becoming more aware of fire protection and are required to meet stringent regulations directed not only to protecting inhabitants and visitors but also building structure and surrounding environment from fire hazards. Regardless of the regulations, it is crucial for the users of ACP to select the right grade of building materials, which can minimize the damage to human lives and the structure in the event of a fire.

A great deal of fire protection depends on implementing the correct type of products and systems with special attention being given to the right grade of fire protection Aluminium Composite Panels (ACP) in order to minimize the fire risk.

It is crucial to recognize the difference between Fire Rated and Fire Retardant. A product may be Fire Rated to a certain extent but that does not mean it is Fire Retardant. Ideally recommended mix and density of non- combustible content in the core (not less than 70%). Therefore, the weight of the ACP panel must exceed 7.5kg per square meter. Since the weight of a fire retardant ACP is more that a non-fire retardant one, this gives a fundamental idea to the user that the ACP has the adequate mix of the non-combustible core. If the weight is less than 7.5kg per square meter, it is most likely that the mix in the core is not adequate.

It is crucial to look at not just the fire rating of the ACP but also the fire retardant levels along with the factors/systems that are put in place thus giving the user an entirety of the situation as opposed to just a singularity.

The below factors should be considered by the buyer when it comes to fire safety:

  • Flame Spread
  • Smoke Emission
  • Burning Droplets
  • Self-Extinguishing
  • Cladding System

Apart from choosing the correct methodology, it is equally important to specify the right test methodology and standards to confirm that a proper fire retardant façade option has been selected. The following tests are what determine a proper Fire Retardant ACP.

  • ASTM E-84 : Measures the flame spread and smoke emission
  • EN 13501-1 : Measures speed of flame, smoke emission and the burning droplets
  • NFPA 285 : Evaluates the fire resistance of the ACP system as a whole including the components within the assembly of the panels of the entire exterior facade
  • ASTM E119 : Measures the duration of heat resistance and temperature transmission

These key methods are what makes up a true Fire Retardant Aluminium Composite Panel.